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info trans Logisik-Systems Ges.m.b.H.

Rienößlgasse 15
A-1040 Wien

Tel. +43/1/ 587 98 45
FAX +43/ 1/ 587 98 45/ 51

Managing partners:


Peter Bosch, born in 1957, was was not encouraged creatively at ÖBB, soon in 1993 the three members of an triumvirate came together to establish their future entrepreneurship. He is the mastermind in all aspects of program design.

In his spare time he expresses his creativity as photographer, filmmaker and novelist, which leaves hardly time for any more.

Tel. +43/ 676/ 846 92 75 12



Gerd Zimmermann, born in 1962, converted his early passion into a profession. Immediatly after high school he began an apprenticeship in the data processing center of ÖBB. He became selfemployed in 1987, creating and developing individual software programs for a trading company and for Schuster-Werbung. As founding member he launched PLAKAT ( see products). 

He is married, has one daughter. Playing golf helps him to regenerate and generate new ideas.

Tel. +43/ 676/ 846 92 75 11



Helmut Woltran, born in 1957, graduated 1977 from technical high school. He experienced a remarkable career in the data processing of ÖBB. Based on his experience, he knows everything about the rail-forwarding business as well as the corporate controlling requirements.

He is married, has two daughters, and is active in cultural issues in his hometown. 

Tel. +43/ 676/ 846 92 75 31




Dr. Liane Weinberger was born in 1960, after graduating she began her career at Weinberger-Werbehaus and Schuster-Werbung where she became the first client for PLAKAT in 1990. She has been a witness of info trans from the very beginning. Today she is responsible for organizational and commercial matters.

She is married, dog owner and golfer, if compatible. 

Dr. Liane Weinberger, geb. 1960, nach Studium Eintritt bei Weinberger Werbehaus bzw. Schuster-Werbung, und wird  damit der erste Plakatkunde. Also bei der Gründung von info trans mit dabei, zeichnet für Organisation und kaufmännische Leitung verantwortlich.

Privat verheiratet, Hundebesitzerin und Golferin, sofern sich das vereinbaren lässt.

Tel. +43/ 676/ 846 92 75 18